Dear Readers and Friends,

It's been nearly four years since Jim Brodie first appeared on the scene. I've had a lot of fun and hope you have too. For me, a good part of that fun is meeting so many of you at bookstores and events and hearing from you via email or social media.

I will be back on the road this summer for the June publication of the next Brodie book, The Spy Across the Table. Between now and then, I'm happy to report that Pacific Burn comes out in paperback at the end of this month.

Until then, I wanted to thank you for your support and for allowing the Brodie stories into your lives.

Barry Lancet

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Pacific Burn PACIFIC BURN paperback
Coming February 28

In the latest installment of the Jim Brodie series, Barry Lancet delivers yet another "sophisticated international thriller" (The New York Times Book Review).

When a sniper on the roof of the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco nearly shoots Jim Brodie and puts his artist-friend in a coma, Brodie will stop at nothing to find the assassin. He's soon grappling with a growing list of suspects who may have hired the shooter—political enemies of the mayor, rivals of his artist-friend, or any of a half-dozen disgruntled Asian countries dissatisfied with the city's so-called friendship program.

Brodie's search takes him first to Washington, D.C. and an unexpected confrontation with D.C.'s alphabet soup: the DHS, the CIA, and the FBI. Then he's on to Tokyo, Kyoto, and beyond. Piecing together a chain of obscure clues, Brodie finds himself on the trail of an assassin so legendary some consider his very existence questionable. And at the same time, they also believe him so deadly they want nothing to do with the case. Then Brodie received a chilling message: he is the killer's next target.

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The Spy Across the Table THE SPY ACROSS THE TABLE
Jim Brodie #4
Coming June 20

"Mikey was shot because he begged me for a favor and I complied."

So begins the new Jim Brodie novel. Two of Brodie's friends are murdered in cold blood backstage at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C. after a meeting Brodie himself arranged. He is devastated and vows to hunt down the killer. But he's not the only one.

Much to his surprise, Brodie is summoned to the White House. The First Lady was the college roommate of one of the victims, and she enlists Brodie—off the books—to use his unique Japanese connections to track down the shooter. But a vindictive Homeland Security wants him off the case. Why? For the same reason a master Chinese spy known only as Zhou—one of the most dangerous men alive—appears on the scene: The Kennedy Center murders were no random act of violence.

Brodie gets wind that the killings involve secrets so damaging to America and its leaders that both China and North Korea will stop at nothing to get them. Which only makes Brodie more determined—and willing to risk everything to go up against the spy across the table.

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