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The Spy Across the Table

Book 4 in the Jim Brodie thriller series

Now available!

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When two of Jim Brodie's friends are murdered in cold blood backstage at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C., he is devastated and vows to hunt down the killer. But he's not the only one.

After the attack, Brodie is summoned to the White House. The First Lady was the college roommate of one of the victims, and she enlists Brodie—off the books—to use his Japanese connections to track down the assassin. Homeland Security head Tom Swelley is furious that the White House is meddling and wants Brodie off the case. Why? For the same reason a master Chinese spy known only as Zhou—one of the most dangerous men alive—appears on the scene: The Kennedy Center murders were no random act of violence.

Brodie flies to Tokyo to attend the second of two funerals, when his friend's daughter Anna is kidnapped during the ceremony. It is then Brodie realizes that the killings were simply bait to draw her out of hiding. Anna, it seems, is the key architect of a top-secret NSA program that gathers the personal secrets of America's most influential leaders. Secrets so damaging that North Korea and China will stop at nothing to get them.

Reviews & Praise

"The hottest read of the summer season, if not the whole year.... The threats, suspense, double crosses and heart-stopping thrills never end in this chilling and realistic masterpiece that could be tomorrow's international news. If you're a fan of Flynn, Meltzer, or Dan Brown, you'll be all-in with enthusiasm for Barry Lancet and his good guy PI, Jim Brodie. He's tough, unusual, honest and absolutely awesome!"
   —Mysterious Book Report (John Dwaine McKenna)

"If you like your thrillers fusing espionage with murder mysteries, set in locations vividly described, and moving at a fast, dense clip with more twists and turns than many another author's entire canon might provide, The Spy Across the Table should be very diverting summer reading."
   —Bookpleasures (Dr. Wesley Britton)

"Along with lots of good old-fashioned mayhem, Lancet does a fine job on the complexities of electronic espionage—hacking, eavesdropping, GPS tracking, eye-in-the-sky surveillance, biometrics and the like. Readers who can't keep up with the tech lingo and almost nonstop action might find the whole thing a bit overwhelming. But those who thrive on complex, tightly written thrillers are more likely to call it a tour-de-force."
   —Japan Times (Mark Schreiber)

"Barry Lancet is one of the few authors who can entertain and teach you something at the same time, hooking readers deeper and deeper as the story unfolds. That, combined with the fact that Brodie confronts threats that are relevent in today's world, makes The Spy Across the Table a whole lot of fun to read!"
   —The Real Book Spy (Ryan Steck)

"Jim's mission takes him to Asia, including both North and South Korea, where he confronts great dangers and jeopardizes his serious relationship with his girlfriend. Lancet keeps the suspense high through the exciting climax."
   —Publishers Weekly

"Lancet uses his insider's knowledge of Japanese culture to great advantage, giving the book a natural, realistic flavor. Brodie is, as always, a strong lead, and the book has some very nice twists. A strong entry in a consistently reliable series."
   —Booklist (David Pitt)

"Lancet's hero, who likely has more frequent flyer miles than any other fictional PI after four books, is in top form going after a kidnapped security analyst in North Korea. A solid, consistently smart thriller."
   —Kirkus Review

"Barry Lancet's The Spy Across the Table is the perfect combination of mystery novel and espionage thriller wrapped into one. A skillfully written tale with gritty action sequences and a crafty plot that has hero Jim Brodie racing to unravel a conspiracy with geopolitical consequences from Washington to the Pacific Rim, Lancet's latest offering is sure to thrill readers from the first page to the last."
   —Mark Greaney, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Gunmetal Gray

"The books are hard to put down because the action is compelling, and we always learn new and intriguing information, but I think the measure of Brodie as a character is his relationship with his daughter. Raising her is his toughest assignment and the one he loves the most."
   —Sharon Tucker, Senior Librarian, King's River Life

"Lancet's The Spy Across The Table is a masterful novel—a thriller ripe with intrigue, action, and heart."
   —Reed Farrel Coleman New York Times bestselling author of What You Break

Simon & Schuster, hardcover, June 2017, ISBN: 9781476794914