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Barry, his publisher, his agent

You can email me at Some questions are answered in the FAQ, so please scan that first. You can also find me on Twitter and Facebook. To receive general announcements, there's also the newsletter.


For inquires including film and other rights, please contact my agent, Robert Gottlieb at Trident Media Group

Media Downloads


The author photographs were all taken by Ben Simmons, a professional photographer of long standing, based near Tokyo. Simmons' work encompasses photographs for magazines, books, calendars, photo-essays, original prints, and more. Samples of his photographs and books can be found on his website.

To download a high-resolution jpg suitable for both print and online media, click the thumbnail image to get a larger version, then right mouse click and choose the "Save As..." option (PC) or press the Control key and choose "Save Image As..." (Mac).

Pacific Burn    Pacific Burn           Pacific Burn    Pacific Burn
Low rez (377K/100dpi) / High rez (1.9MB/300dpi)   Low rez (246K/100dpi) / High rez (414K/300dpi)

Japantown    Japantown              Japantown    Japantown
Low rez (446K/100dpi) / High rez (1.5MB/300dpi)   Low rez (467K/100dpi) / High rez (2.5MB/300dpi)

Jim Brodie series

Jim Brodie series  Jim Brodie series

Barry Lancet   Barry Lancet

Barry Lancet   Barry Lancet