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Books on Japan—A Personal Selection

For years, people have asked me to recommend books about Japan for themselves, friends, traveling relatives, and even as gifts. I see no end in sight to the requests, though with luck their number will drop off with the publication of Japantown and the follow-up works featuring Jim Brodie. I'm told he knows a thing or two about Japanese culture. But for a perspective on the nonfictional front here are a few suggestions.

While a lot depends on individual interests and tastes, this compilation provides a good launching pad. Time permitting, I'll add new selections as there are many other worthwhile writings out there. Since I worked in the field for a number of years, I was involved in some of the publications. Disclaimers are listed where appropriate.

Nonfiction, Traditional
Nonfiction, Contemporary
Art & Craft
Asian Philosophy / Spiritual
Food & Drink