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Pacific Burn

From the author of Japantown and Tokyo Kill

"There is really no one quite like the enigmatic Jim Brodie... Lancet created a character much like Lee Child's Reacher and Michael Connelly's Bosch. It's the perfect triad."
   —Providence Journal (Jon Land)

"Pacific Burn is a page-turning, globe-spanning tale of murder, suspense, and intrigue that grabs and holds your attention from beginning to end. Barry Lancet is truly a gifted author, and his character of Jim Brodie is unlike any private investigator you've ever encountered in literature."
   —Nelson DeMille

"Jim Brodie is a true 21st century hero, part of the new, gritty mythos, warts and all, but capable of turning the ordinary into the extraordinary."
   —Steve Berry, New York Times bestselling author

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Dear Readers,

Meet Jim Brodie.

American expert on Japan.

Street-smart art dealer turned private investigator.

Single father.

Lead in award-winning series that started with Japantown and Tokyo Kill.

In Pacific Burn, he's up against his biggest challenge yet. The San Francisco police call asking for Brodie's help. A young boy, distraught and traumatized, has information the police desperately need. But the boy speaks only Japanese. What should have been a routine interpretation job turns into big trouble, and Brodie finds himself flying from his beloved San Francisco on to Washington, D.C. and Tokyo and beyond—and heading toward a showdown with a legendary killer even the most vicious figures in the Japanese underworld avoid like the plague.

As usual, while all of the above is going on, Brodie is juggling all the pieces of his life—the art, personal, and the PI sides. A client wants a rare piece of Japanese art but her husband objects. His daughter is growing anxious in her father's absence. A sniper puts Brodie's good friend in a coma, and his friend's daughter is being targeted by Japan's "nuclear mafia," the Japanese utility and its allies that are covering up secrets about the nuclear plant melt down in Fukushima. Her activities draw a joint task force involving the CIA, FBI, and Homeland Security down on Brodie. When he heads to Japan to follow the trail of the sniper, things only get worse. A lot worse.

For readers who haven't lived through Brodie's ups and downs since he debuted in Japantown, this is a great point to start the series. Pacific Burn is a standalone tale, and Brodie is, well, he's still Brodie.

For old friends of Jim, expect even more of the charm, mystique, culture, and history of Japan, more action, and more heart as Brodie continues to straddle the art and investigative world while trying to do right by his daughter.

For readers and friends alike, my hope is that you'll not only like the ride, but you will come away with a deeper understanding of a few more things in the world around us, and perhaps understand what drew me—an American ex-pat in Japan—to the far side of the Pacific.


Tokyo Kill

From the author of Japantown
"Best P.I. Novel of the Year"—FINALIST, Shamus Award

"Lancet hit the ground running last year with his superb debut, Japantown, and continues that winning streak with Tokyo Kill."
   —New York Times

"A book worth reading and a series worth starting."

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Amazon Barnes & Noble Books-A-Million iTunes


When an elderly World War Two veteran shows up unannounced at Brodie Security begging for protection, the staff thinks he's just a paranoid old man. He offers up a story connected to World War II and to Chinese Triads operating in present-day Tokyo, insisting that he and his few surviving army buddies are in danger.

Out of respect for the old soldier, Brodie agrees to provide a security detail, thinking it'll be an easy job and end when the man comes to his senses. Instead, an unexpected, brutal murder rocks Brodie and his crew, sending them deep into the realm of the Triads, Chinese spies, Japanese kendo warriors, and an elusive group of killers whose treachery spans centuries—and who will stop at nothing to complete their mission.

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Now available in paperback!
"Best First Mystery Novel"—WINNER, Barry Award


When an entire family is senselessly gunned down in San Francisco's Japantown, antique dealer and reluctant private eye Jim Brodie receives a call from a friend at the SFPD. As an American born and raised in Japan, Brodie has advised the local police in the past, but the near-perfect murders in Japantown are like nothing he's ever encountered.

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