The Spy Across the Table Up top, thanks to all of you who have preordered the The Spy Across the Table, and thanks to the many of you who bugged me to hurry up and get Spy to my publisher in the first place. For the record, I made sure this latest Jim Brodie story was just the way I wanted it before I sent it off. That said, those of you in the first group might want to tip your hat to those in the second group, assuming you're wearing a hat and its "tipable."

I've got two exciting things to tell you. My liver is in much better shape than it might have otherwise been since the previously mentioned outside pressure forced me to finish up The Spy Across the Table sooner rather than later, which in turn forced me to sacrifice a fair number of pints of beer and tumblers of scotch, plus the occasional carafe of sake.

Actually, that's not one of the two things, but here is the first one: Simon & Schuster has just posted an exclusive excerpt of the first chapter on their website here (scroll down). Happily, early reviews are strong (whew!). This from Kirkus: "As usual in a Lancet novel, the action scenes are first-rate—and violent—and the knowledge the author imparts about Asian politics and culture is deep. A solid, consistently smart thriller." I should point out that Brodie is a gentleman and a reluctant fighter and never needlessly violent, though he does know where to aim his fists if the need arises.

The contest dervishes are working up another drawing, requiring only proof of purchase of one of my books and/or an answer to a timely question, so save your receipts and stay alert.

Okay, that's the news. I wanted to briefly mention what's in store for Brodie in my latest outing. The reach of his adventures has risen for this book and involves not the usual 2 or 3 countries, but 5. And this time he's thrust into some timely international conflicts with North Korea and China. I always aim to entertain, but as one reviewer put it, "Barry Lancet is one of the few authors who can entertain and teach you something at the same time." If that sounds daunting, I promise you any new knowledge you might accidently absorb as you follow Brodie around will be painless. All of this, you should note, is cheaper than a college textbook at today's prices. In fact, all 4 books in the Brodie series together are probably cheaper than a single textbook in most cases. (But let's not forgo college for my shameless price comparison.)

And last, I want to mention that my tour schedule has been set for the West Coast. I'll be up in Northern California in Mountain View, Berkeley, San Francisco twice, Calistoga, Davis, then down south in Orange, San Diego, LA's Little Tokyo, and Pasadena. Details of appearances are here. And if any of you readers are aspiring writers, I'll be teaching at the International Thriller Writers annual CraftFest, the preeminent school for budding thriller writers. This is listed on the Appearances page of my website as well as on the conference schedule here. If you hit the conference, I'll also be on panels at ThrillerFest later that week. I hope to see you at some point along the way!

Sincerely yours,

Barry Lancet

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